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The MeraGenius.comTM product

What is is a 100% online career planning software system that anybody 14 years or older can use. is a scientific and highly accurate career planning software system, that discovers your true potential, your genius, careers best suited for you, leading you to success. will:
1. Determine your genius through seven international highly scientific psychometric tests. The tests are completely online, and take approximately 2 hours to complete.
2. You get to see your genius report instantly online as soon as you complete the 7 tests. The reports are super easy to understand, eliminating the need of a counselor for explanations. No jargon, no complex charts, simple easy to read and understand reports.
3. You will get recommendations for careers best suited for you, careers that match your genius, and you will excel in naturally and easily.
4. You will also find out the right degrees/diplomas you need to study for a specific career. You will also get a list of institutes that offer these courses.

Students who need to decide what degree to study after their 10th /12th standard can use this software to plan their future. Fresh graduates who need to find out what careers are best suited for them can also use this software. Anybody who is simply looking for new beginnings can use this software to figure out careers best suited for them!

Can I get a CD for MeraGenius.comTM?

MeraGenius.comTM is a Web-based software just like popular email software Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail. There are no CDs for, it is completely online.

Do I need to install anything on my computer to use MeraGenius.comTM?

You do not need to install any complex software on your computer in order to use MeraGenius.comTM. In order to use you need a computer, an Internet connection of 256KBPS or higher, and Web browsers like Internet Explorer (version 8 and above), Firefox (version 3.6 and above), or Google Chrome (version 5 and above).

Is there any time limit for using MeraGenius.comTM?

Once you purchase MeraGenius.comTM you can use it for as long as you wish to.  There are no time limits or expiry dates.

Who can use MeraGenius.comTM?

Anybody who wants to discover their genius and is 14 years and above can use MeraGenius.comTM.  Majority of our customers are students who are 14 years of age and above. They include school students,  junior college students, and undergraduate students.  Even post graduate students, and working professionals use MeraGenius.comTM.  Recently even retirees asked us if they could use MeraGenius.comTM to figure out their genius, and perhaps spend their time doing what they were meant to do.

Is there any success story of a person who has used and succeeded?

Are you amazed with the Web site? Are you impressed with the designs, use of colors etc.? You will be even more amazed if we told you that the person who designs is Siddhant Mehta, and he is only 19, he is completely self-taught, and did not go to any college or classes to learn Web Design! Siddhant, discovered his genius during this 10th standard using a very early version of He found out that he was very creative and very good at problems solving and imagination. suggested careers like Graphic Designer and Multimedia and Animation Artist for him. Siddhant decided to use his genius – he started learning Web Design on his own at the age of 15. Today he is the Creative Director for, is only 19, and all the beautiful experiences you see on have been designed by Siddhant! Siddhant is also learning animation from the one of the world’s best animation school – Animation Mentor (, which was not easy to get in to. You can learn more about Siddhant’s accomplishments at

Another customer, Kartik - his genius - he is a leader, and is naturally good at problems solving, and calculations. He discovered his genius through in his 10th standard! He is cut out to become a business manager, and an investment advisor! Kartik has decided to use his genius to create financial products for a very special segment of the Indian market! He is only 17!

Another customer – Naitik, his genius - he is creative, and is naturally good at imagination and problem solving. He discovered his genius in his 9th standard! He is cut out to be a graphic designer, a 3D animator, a music director, a Web developer, and a CEO! Naitik has already mastered the graphic design software that professional graphic designers use, he has created graphic designs for a US based IT company, he is an excellent drummer, and has envisioned a social networking software product which he will patent in the near future. He is only 15!

Please do read our customer testimonials to see what customers think about!

The MeraGenius.comTM psychometric tests

How long do the tests take to complete?

It takes approximately 2½ hours to complete the 7 psychometric tests.

Can I take a break during the tests?

Yes you can.  Simply click I wish to take a break button and the tests will be paused.  You can continue the tests at a later time.

Can I use a calculator?

Please do not use a calculator.  If you use a calculator you will get inaccurate reports.  However, you should use pen and paper.

How many tests are there?

There are a total of 7 tests.

Do I need to study in advance for the tests?

Absolutely not!  These tests are the easiest and enjoyable tests you will ever give!  They are not based on academics or general knowledge.  Hence, you do not need to study in advance for these tests.

Can I take the tests again?

You can only take the tests once.  If you wish to take the tests again you will need to purchase another license.  Hence, we urge you to do the tests sincerely.

Can somebody who has studied in a non-English medium school/college take these tests?

These tests at the moment can only be taken by individuals who are fluent in the English language.  If an individual is comfortable with the English language, then they can take the tests even if they are from a non-English medium school.  Just for your information we are working on releasing these tests in Marathi and Hindi in the near future.

How does determine the careers that are best suited for me?

Our philosophy is simple – in order to become successful one must use their natural talents, and love the work they are doing. Think of any successful person – Steve Jobs, J. K. Rowling, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Aamir Khan, Dhirubhai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar – they all used their natural talents, their genius, loved their work, easily excelled in their field and succeeded! Our tests determine your natural talents, and the type of work you will enjoy doing, that is your professional personality. then matches it to careers that require your natural talents and your professional personality, and recommends those careers to you.

Can you describe the various tests included in

There a total of 7 tests included in The following describes the various tests:

Professional Personality: Determines what kind of work you will enjoy doing.
Problem Solving: Determines your capacity to solve everyday problems using common sense and math skills.
Communicating: Determines your capacity to use the English language correctly when speaking, listening, or writing.
Imagination: Determines your capacity to imagine what object a drawing represents and how parts fit together.
Visual Observation: Determines your capacity to observe details in pictures, objects, drawings quickly and correctly.
Examining Text: Determines your capacity to observe details in written stuff quickly and correctly.
Calculations: Determines your ability to use mathematical operators like addition, subtraction etc. to solve everyday problems.

What is the authenticity of tests?

The psychometric tests used by have been designed and developed by highly experienced and leading industrial organizational psychologists and psychometricians from the United States of America. These tests are based on years of research and development and made following rigorous scientific procedures as described by the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, established by American Educational Research Association (AERA), American Psychological Association (APA), and the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). The psychometric tests used by have been used by students, and professionals to plan their careers in countries like the United States of America, Germany, Australia, Canada and many more for more than a decade.

The MeraGenius.comTM customer care

I cannot see MeraGenius.comTM properly on my computer.  Why is that and how do I fix the problem?

MeraGenius.comTM works only with the latest versions of one of the following browsers - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox.  If you do not have the latest versions of one of these browsers please download the latest version and then use MeraGenius.comTM.  In case you still have problems, please contact customer care by email at or call 8879236886.

If I face any technical problems, what do I do?

Please contact customer care by email at or call 8879236886.  We will be happy to help.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

On this Web site, click the Sign In button. In the Sign in box, click Forgot Password and follow the instructions on your screen. In case you cannot manage getting your password please contact customer care by email at or call 8879236886. 

I did not get my user name and password for

Once you register with from the Buy Now Web page, or you register through an authorized sales agent of, sends your user name and password to your registered email address and mobile number. Please check your email and mobile phone for a SMS from containing your user name and password for Sometimes the email from may go to the Junk or Spam folder in your email. Please check the Junk/Spam folders of your email for the email. If you still cannot find your user name and password, then please write to us at with your name, email address, and mobile number and we will send you your user name and password. Alternately you can also call our support at 8879236886, and we will be happy to assist you.

"Discover your genius, and find out what you are meant to become!"

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